<i>Workforce Management</i> Jan. 16, 2006

January 16, 2006
Double Vision
By Eve Tahmincioglu
In the merger of US Airways and America West, melding the carriers’ different cultures may be the biggest challenge.

Succession Progression
By Ed Frauenheim
Done with the right technology, succession planning that reaches deep into the hierarchy can build a company’s reputation as a great place to work and, perhaps most important, further strategic goals.

The Last Word
Lay off
Forget about Ken Lay’s pretrial calls for support and solidarity. Look at how he led.
  In the Mail
Crossing cultures
Readers comment on Intel, Wal-Mart and Drucker’s best books.

IBM's give and take.
Its new 401(k) match is rich, but older employees could still come up short. NY transit strike shows union resolve. New scrutiny for exec pay and perks. Sector tightens again as Kenexa acquires Webhire. On-site blood testing raises privacy issues. Hot List: Top End-to-end HR Outsourcing Providers. And more.
Aging Workforce
The two faces of AARP
Businesses embrace the powerful group’s hiring initiatives for older workers, but resent its lawsuits over pension and retirement benefits.

HR Technology
Software at your service
So-called "on-demand" applications are giving more traditional delivery models a run for their money.

Expanded EAPs changing focus
The illness is off the radar for many organizations, but companies including Intel and some international airlines are making pandemic plans.


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