Metrics Maverick Working on New Initiative to Improve Shareholder Value

October 18, 2004
Jac Fitz-enz, the father of workforce-management metrics, is enlisting major corporations in a new effort to improve earnings and shareholder value.

First, Fitz-enz will collect from companies data that includes financial information, retention statistics, employee attitudes and compensation. Next, he'll identify any deficiencies and recommend improvements. Lastly, companies will receive help in calculating the results.

Fitz-enz says that a company might, for example, find that it doesn't have enough repeat customers. If the problem is ultimately traced to poor customer-service training and high employee turnover, those two problems will be addressed.

Also involved in the metrics initiative are two workforce technology companies: Unicru, based in Portland, Oregon, and SAS, based in Cary, North Carolina. Fitz-enz will use Unicru's knowledge of employee assessments and SAS's expertise in workforce analytics.

Fitz-enz is charging companies $75,000 to take part in the initiative.