No Good Bosses Here

December 1, 1998
Dictator -- An elderly engineer in our office passed away at his desk at approximately three o’clock. My boss told us not to call 911 until five o’clock because it would disrupt the routine and be nonproductive.

Corporate Controller -- My boss made me terminate employees -- they reached a certain salary, so he wanted to hire someone new at a lesser wage. The clincher was when we were asked to bark like a dog to receive our paychecks.

Hypocrite -- Less than a month after circulating a memo pertaining to the misuse of computer resources, he took five hours out of my day to have me install a new computer game on his machine when I was facing an imminent and very critical deadline.

Corporate Creep -- The shipping manager found a partially alive mouse on a glue pad. When the boss saw it, he put it in the microwave at break time and the first person to open the door screamed in horror, which the boss thought was hilarious.

Con Artist -- My boss “whites out” his sales representatives’ names on contracts they’ve sold. He puts his name in their place to look good with his boss and reduce the commission split with us at the end of the month.

Tasmanian Devil -- One morning, I came to work to find my office in total disarray. Papers were scattered, and files were turned inside out. When asked what happened, my boss said, “The printer’s out of toner.”

SOURCE: “Best Boss, Worst Boss” by James B. Miller, Fireside, 1998.

Workforce, December 1998, Vol. 77, No. 12, p.20.