Rockford Memorial Hospital's PTO Policy Guidebook

March 1, 1996
The following items are topics covered in Rockford's PTO policy guidebook. It was distributed to employees during Step 6 of the process.

  1. What is the paid-time-off (PTO) program?
  2. Why was a new benefits program needed regarding paid time away from work (vacation time, sick time and personal time)?
  3. To what specific types of absences from work does PTO apply?
  4. Who is eligible for the PTO program?
  5. How do I accrue time In my paid-time-off bank?
  6. How much time can I accrue In my paid-time-off bank?
  7. Example of PTO accrual
  8. When do I begin to accrue time in the PTO bank?
  9. When can I start using my paid-time-off days?
  10. When and how much paid time off should I schedule?
  11. How do I accrue time in Rockford's catastrophic account (CAT)?
  12. How much time can I accrue in CAT?
  13. May I transfer PTO days into CAT?
  14. What happens to my accruals under the PTO program when I leave?
  15. How will Rockford Memorial convert from the existing program to the new PTO program?
  16. What happens to my accrued vacation time? To my accrued sick time?

SOURCE: Rockford Memorial Hospital

Personnel Journal, March 1996, Vol. 75, No. 3, p. 120.