Rockwell Collins' Training Needs Analysis Form

May 30, 2003
This form was developed at Rockwell Collins to show whether a trainingrequest was a legitimate one. Before any appeal for training could be processed,managers had to complete the online form outlining the specifics of the trainingthey felt was necessary. It also served as a mini-tutorial for managers ontraining-needs analysis.





Business/Functional Unit:


L&D Contact Person:

Training Requested:

Questionnaire to be filled out by requestor before bringing in the selectedtraining course.

1. What will Rockwell Collins business goals/objectives will this trainingsupport?




2. How does it support the Rockwell Collins business goals/objectives?




3. How critical is this course for job performance?

  • Critical
  • Highly critical
  • Required
  • Good to have


4. What will participants be able to do differently (skills) or know thatthey can’t do or don’t know now?




5. Do any of your employees currently have the requested skills/knowledge?

  • Yes
  • No

Explanation, if applicable…



6. How soon after training will employees make use of the knowledge/skillsgained through this course?

  • Immediately
  • 1 month
  • 2 to 3 months
  • More than 3 months

7. Approximately what percentage of working time will be spent on tasks thatrequire the skills/knowledge from the training course? __ percent

8. How soon is this training required? Please indicate timeframe.

  • ASAP
  • 1st quarter fiscal year
  • 2nd quarter fiscal year
  • 3rd quarter fiscal year
  • 4th quarter fiscal year
  • _________________

9. Can alternatives be used in place of a training course?

  • Yes
  • No

Explanation, if applicable…



10. What alternative methods can be used in lieu of training?




11. Who needs this course? (e.g., Engineers, Administrators, Technicians,etc.)




12. What other business units or functional areas could benefit from thistype of training? (ATS, BRS, GOV, SYS, etc.)




13. How many people will require this training

  • Immediately?
  • Over the next 12 months?
  • Over the next two years?
  • Over the next three years?

14. What vendors (internal/external) will be providing the training (ifknown)?




15. Is your department willing to incur the full cost of the training if noother departments are able to be involved in the course?

  • Yes
  • No

16. What is the expectation for the cost of the course (if known)? $______

17. Who is the technical-liaison/subject-matter expert for the trainingcourse?




18. What classroom setup is required (if known)?

  • PC/Workstations

If you checked PC/Workstations…

  1. What operating system is required?
  2. If PCs are required, what are the minimum standards?
  3. Will software have to be loaded?
  • Lecture Style
  • Other

If you checked "other," please explain:


Reprinted with permission from Built to Learn: the Inside Story of HowRockwell Collins Became a True Learning Organization by Cliff Purington andChris Butler, 2003.

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