Seeing is Believing Anadarko Launches PeopleSoft Employee Portal

October 1, 2001
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is one of the world's largest oil and gas explorationand production companies. With an international workforce of over 1,300, Anadarkoexpects significant growth in employee numbers as the company continues to expand.Anadarko is based in Houston, Texas, with employees located around the centralUnited States as well as in Canada, Central America, Africa, and Europe.

Computing Environment

  • Database: Oracle
  • Hardware: HP/Unix

PeopleSoft Products

    "The PeopleSoft Portal, you have to see it tobelieve it." So says Anadarko's Scott Ramsey, supervisor, HR and corporateadministrative systems. "Even internally, within your own company, youkind of have to market it and show it to everybody. It's something people graspvisually rather than through a whole lot of descriptive terminology. You reallyneed to see it in action to understand the power of what it can deliver to you."

A Longtime Partnership
    A PeopleSoft customer since 1992, Anadarko first installedPeopleSoftHRMS -- Human Resources, BaseBenefits, and Payroll-- and later, PensionAdministration. At that time, Ramsey said, "When Anadarko made thedecision six years ago to go with PeopleSoft for our human resources system,it was a gamble. Our existing system was no longer going to be supported, andwe had to go ahead and choose something that we thought -- or guessed -- wouldtake us into the future. Five years later in production, PeopleSoft is stillenhancing the system, they're staying up to date with our business needs, andthe globalization of the product has been a great benefit to Anadarko. Qualityof the code, quality of the people: we have had a very good experience withPeopleSoft."

New Directions: A Unified Enterprise Webtop for a Unified Global Company
    Such a good experience, in fact, that Anadarko is pushingahead with a global implementation of PeopleSoft8, the PeopleSoftEmployee Portal, and PeopleSoftTime and Labor. The decision to use the PeopleSoft portal was natural. Accordingto Ramsey, "Initially, it was viewed internally as solely a 'people' solution,and we have had great success with PeopleSoft products. We knew, and had greatconfidence in PeopleSoft technology. So we felt very comfortable in taking thatnext leap with a portal."

    The "people" portion of Anadarko's portalimplementation involves bringing PeopleSoft self-service for human resources,payroll, benefits, and time and labor to the webtop of all North American employees.Having merged in July 2000 with Union Pacific Resources, Anadarko needed tofind ways to keep the new, larger organization internally unified and "branded,"reaching out to a far-flung employee base. Ramsey says, "As we evaluatedsystems between the two organizations when we merged, we saw that one area wherewe had a deficit was time and labor. But we also saw that the portal was anideal vehicle to push time and labor self-service out to our workforce in theoutlying areas -- Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming -- and to create moreof a corporate presence out there.

    "After the merger, our organization was much larger,and we needed an effective way to communicate and collaborate -- to give ourselvesa platform for collaboration between the two employee bases. We are a globalcompany with active exploration and production in countries like Algeria. Wehave operations in the Congo, Gabon, Georgia in the former Soviet Union, Canada,and Guatemala. Basically, we realized that if we were going to keep growinginternationally we needed a platform through which to communicate. We feel,from a people perspective, that the portal gives us a very scalable platformas we go forward, leveraging the back-end information we have with our PeopleSoftHRMS system."

Less Sifting and Searching -- More Time Seeing the Information You Need
    Call it what you will -- personalized self-service,rules-based roles, filtering, or dynamic content -- with the PeopleSoftEmployee Portal, Anadarko can distribute information to employees that isspecific to their roles and interests -- by location, job classification, orany multitude of variables. "For instance," Ramsey explains, "Atour site in central Texas, we have an HMO that's not relevant to the rest ofthe organization -- with the portal, it's easy to filter that information outso that no one except Texas employees can see it. That's a very basic example,but the power is there for us to start filtering the content -- whereas beforethe portal, it was just 'send everything to everyone,' and consequently theindividual employee had to sift through mountains of useless information. Theend result: less time sifting and searching, more time seeing the informationyou need."

    In keeping with Anadarko's embrace of eBusiness, itsemployees are not only PC-enabled, they are web-enabled--most employees havePCs on their desks or portables they use to dial into the company network. "Wewant to deploy and have information access anywhere in the world," Ramseydeclares. "So if you want to walk up to an internet cafe, you should beable to pull up and interact with your information. And that's exactly wherewe're going."

From Client/Server to eBusiness Platform...
    Anadarko is one of many organizations taking the leapto a pure internet architecture for employee, customer, and supplier applications.Why? And how is the transition faring? Says Ramsey, "With our employeepopulation being distributed through the world, I could sum up our needs asfollows: one, we have to be able to deploy systems globally; two, they mustbe deployed in a distributed fashion; and three, the system needs to be multilingual.PeopleSoft hits the mark on all three of those."

    Anadarko sees the move to the web as a natural progressionfor any company intent on being a technology leader in its industry--on embracingthe challenge and promise of eBusiness. "We found the PeopleSoft portaltechnology framework not at all cumbersome to work with; rather, our operationsand infrastructure very naturally fold into the new model. I'm not saying it'snot difficult--but you have an opportunity to do more with the application thanyou've ever done before. You have the opportunity to deploy to all reaches ofyour organization. With the portal, we have been very pleasantly surprised howsmoothly it went in. Yes, it's a significant migration to go from a client/serverenvironment to the web, but I think the power and the opportunity is so greatthat it's just a natural evolution that you need to make with your applications."

...with the Help of PeopleSoft Consulting
    Anadarko has traditionally been an independent shopwhen it comes to consulting services: having been through six major upgrades,their internal staff has the accumulated experience to take care of businessat home. With the added challenge of merging two companies' systems together,and with internal manpower at a premium, however, Anadarko chose PeopleSoftConsulting to help implement the portal. "It was a new product, firstof all," says Ramsey. "We didn't have expertise in it and didn't havethe knowledge or time to bring it to production in a quick fashion. We feltthat PeopleSoft could help us bring it to production with the fastest time tobenefit. PeopleSoftConsulting has lived up to their part of the bargain, bringing very capableand knowledgeable players."

Portal Adoption by HRIT Group Leads to Revamp of Corporate Intranet
    It was Anadarko's HRIT group that originally got interestedin PeopleSoft portal solutions. As Ramsey puts it, "We've known for quitea while that everything was moving toward the web." The HRIT group firstsaw the portal at a PeopleSoft customer event in San Francisco in early 2000,and became a member of the early adopter program. Ramsey says, "At thattime, we looked at it strictly as a people-centric, HR-centric application:we didn't necessarily envision the portal at a total enterprise level--partlybecause we wanted to be able to push out our HR self-service apps quickly."

    Around December, Ramsey and his group demonstratedtheir employee HR portal to the web and knowledge management group at Anadarko.The result? According to Ramsey, "They quickly saw a lot of benefits fortheir own projects, such as a complete replacement of our current enterprise-wideintranet. What we showed them as a courtesy, at a very high level, intriguedthem to the point where they decided to expand the scope of our original HR-centricproject and to become an active player in our implementation, which has enabledus to adopt an even more aggressive rollout schedule. On their side of the house,the web and knowledge management group was just beginning the process of howto revamp our intranet -- which was highly segmented by department, with nounified look and feel, and nearly impossible to navigate; and it turns out thatPeopleSoft portal technology was able to satisfy every single item they hadput on their early requirements list.

    "At this point in time, they are not even lookingat it as an HR technology. They've gotten past the concept that this is PeopleSoftHR. They're looking at it as a technology moving forward to meet their agendas.They're embracing it on its own."