Table of Contents March 2001

This year's Optimas Award winners, power hairdos, and OSHA erogonomics standards - all this and more, in the March 2001 issue of Workforce . Subscribe now!

February 28, 2001


2001 Optimas Awards
The 10 companies we salute this year are among the finest in an evolving HR world. They are examples that help to inspire, inform, and illuminate with practices that bring business results.
By Janet Wiscombe
General Excellence:
The Container Store
A company that thinks out side the box is bringing a fresh point of view to HR.
By Jennifer Koch Laabs
Competitive Advantage:
Quebecor World
Training was the key to a new level of customer service at the world's largest printing company.
By Jennifer Koch Laabs
Financial Impact:
Bal Seal Engineering
By tracking trends and cutting costs, HR became a profit center.
By Carroll Lachnit
Global Outlook:
General Semiconductor
A worldwide company bonded its global workforce with "culture points" and counseling.
By Caroline Louise Cole
HR scouts at this public relations company recruit, develop, and retain top talent.
By Brenda Paik Sunoo
Managing Change:
The Men's Wearhouse
A clothing store that puts employees first is tailored for any change the harsh retail environment might bring.
By Victor D. Infante
Labor and management build a prescripition for health, and create a program that pays for itself.
By Jennifer Hutchins
Quality of Life:
First USA Bank
The Opportunity Knocks program helps employees zero in on their career dreams and achieve them.
By Patrick J. Kiger
New York State Dept. of Civil Service
Government does work. This agency used private-sector practices to transform a huge, troubled bureaucracy.
By Jennifer Hutchins
A system of quarterly evaluations encourages open communication and growth.
By Jennifer Hutchins


Between the Lines
It takes research, review, and mass quantities of Chinese chicken salad to choose the winners of the 2001 Optimas Awards.
When e-learning works. • Making meetings start on time.
Dear Workforce:
Having fun - in a serious way. • Severance standards. • Is there a payroll pecking order?
On the Contrary
How does a new hairdo make the world a better place? Shari Caudron finds it's all about the attitude you project.
The Buzz
Making layoffs your last resort. • A new generation: How to recruit the best and the youngest. • The future of minimum wage. • A look at what's new in telecommuting.
A primer on pension and recruitment benefits. Whatever the size of your company, the options are vast.
Legal Insight
Sweeping OSHA ergonomics standards. • Should employees see their performance evaluations? • Racial barbs fly.
Think Twice
HR people wear a lot of hats, and Todd Raphael invites President George W. Bush to walk a mile in their boots.