Table of Contents November 1999

October 26, 1999
Cover Story

Brand HR: Why and How to Market Your Image
By Shari Caudron
If you want HR to be perceived as more strategic, more valuable, more credible, more whatever, you need to start thinking like a business with a product and market your overall brand image.


Goodbye Training, Hello Learning
By Eileen M. Garger
To retain key talent, remain competitive and ensure long-term profitability, organizations are making dramatic changes in the way they develop the knowledge and skills of their workforce.

Generation X and the Art of the Reward
By Scott Hays
A little freedom and quick feedback goes a long way to keeping Gen Xers satisfied. Maybe. Here’s the lowdown on how to motivate and reward these young employees.

Communicating in a Global Environment
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
Communication can be difficult with all the different cultures that compose a global organization. You need a strategy to make your message crystal clear to employees—no matter where in the world they are.

HR 101

Contingent Staffing
This monthly section offers everything you need to know about important HR topics. In this month’s issue, HR 101 covers a range of contingent staffing concerns—including best practices, legal compliance, budget implications, technology and policy.


Putting It Together
Cleveland R-O-C-K-S!

News Angle
Xerox Fires Employees For Internet Misuse

The Buzz
   Working Wounded: Handling Questions About Ex-Employees?
   On the Contrary: It’s Not What You Say ...
   The Leading Edge: Leadership From the Inside Out

Getting Rid of the Paper Chase

Kinko’s Dials Into Automated Applicant Screening

Legal Insight
Looking Back on 100 Years of Employment Law

Money Matters
HR Finds New Ways to Cut Retiree Health-Care Costs

Does Genetic Testing Send the Wrong Message?