There is an Industry Where Women are Grossly Underpaid.

"Child care has for years paid it's workforce just above minimum wage," says Kathleen Brenk, Training Coordinator, High Speed Access Corp, Denver.

March 17, 2000
While I agree with Ms. Hattiangadi's article on a "corporate" level, there is an industry where women are the most worthy yet grossly underpaid. The child care industry has, for years, paid it's workforce at just above minimum wage (the average preschool teacher in Colorado earns less than $6 per hour). I know, I spent nine years in the field as a teacher, trainer, and director.

It is only upon entering the corporate arena that I have been able to buy a home and enjoy the small luxuries that most working women take for granted. I have made a conscious choice to not have children and find it abhorrent that other working professionals tolerate this injustice of the talented women (and a few men) who care for their children.