Time Is Money at System Technology Associates

RezLogic helps companies respond immediately to customer needs.

October 18, 2001
In 1998, System Technology Associates was ranked No. 68 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies. As a provider of System Engineering services for a number of defense, civil and commercial agencies, STA knows how to respond customer needs.

"It's been a challenge keeping up with the rapid growth around here", admits Bob Sanford, vice president of human resources. "When we win a new contract, we sometimes need to hire 50 qualified candidates in just a few short days. That's especially difficult because our hiring managers are spread across 14 offices in eight different states. We have to be proactive about our recruiting, and we have to share applicant information efficiently". Fortunately for STA, Bob selected an award-winning Web-based recruiting system from RezLogic.

RezLogic helps you immediately respond to customers' needs.
With RezLogic, companies choose the solution that fits. "Some customers just want to be able to search and organize their own private pool of résumés", says Stewart Jones, RezLogic's development manager. "Those customers can pick and choose the capabilities they need from our Web-hosted RezKeeper service. We'll have them up and running in no-time."

System Technology Associates was different. They needed to manage the entire recruiting process -- from the time a requisition became available to the time a candidate was hired. They wanted high-speed access to their database, and they wanted full control over the look and feel of their recruiting system.

RezLogic's RezManager system was just what the doctor ordered. RezManager is a powerful, in-house version of RezLogic's recruiting system that is totally customizable. It incorporates applicant tracking, requisition management and a complete set of graphical reports. "It's amazing how easy it is to use," says Pat Klepadlo, recruiting manager for STA. "And RezLogic's customer service has been phenomenal."

Flexibility is the key to sourcing.
Online recruiting is the biggest thing to happen to the staffing industry in 100 years, and RezLogic's recruiting solutions capitalize on this trend. "In fact, they accept résumé responses from all the popular Internet recruiting sites," says Jones.

But applicant sourcing is only half the equation. Recruiters need to filter out less qualified applicants, then track promising candidates as they proceed through the hiring process. RezLogic customers can:

  • Accept e-mail, fax, U.S. mail and Internet résumés directly into their databases.

  • Post jobs to their corporate Web sites and accept résumé responses.

  • Automatically e-mail thank-you notes.

  • Send targeted e-mail messages to lists of applicants.

  • Organize applicant information into folders for easy access.

And RezLogic offers optional résumé-conversion services for companies that want to completely eliminate the paper and fax résumé problem.

"They were the only Web-based system on the market to offer built-in graphical reports," says Bob Sanford of STA. "And we liked the fact that they used Microsoft Word® to maintain the original résumé. We didn't have to install any special software on our computers, but we could still save, edit and forward well-formatted résumés to potential clients."

STA has learned they can hire better people faster by recruiting in a more intelligent manner. Bob Sanford says it best: "I can't imagine ever going back to a paper-based recruiting process."