Viruses and E-resumes

June 8, 1999
You may have had a job applicant send you a resume, only to find out he or she had sent you a virus, too. Does this mean you shouldn't have resumes e-mailed to you because of the virus risk?

The short answer is No. For one thing, it's just easier, cheaper and quicker for some applicants to e-mail a resume, as opposed to faxing or mailing it. You don't want to discourage job applicants.

You may want to purchase a virus protection software program, which are relatively inexpensive and usually pretty good at spotting viruses. Be sure you purchase an updated version of the software.

Another trick: Ask applicants to cut and paste their resumes into your e-mail messages. The resume may not look as good, but the information is there and the virus usually isn't.

SOURCE: Human Resources Net, January 1999.