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Role Expectations for Supervisors at Bayer

HR, working with a consultant, interviewed employees and generated these guidelines.

February 27, 2000
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The sub-team assigned to the Bayer initiative put a plan in place to gather information to identify key roles and competencies for employees at the Myerstown site.

Fortunately, all employees contacted agreed to participate in the confidential interviews, facilitated by an external consultant. The basis for each interview focused on the answers to questions designed to determine what behaviors or actions make an exceptional (or marginal) performer at Myerstown.

Human resources, in collaboration with the consultant, discussed the results of the information gathering. Not surprisingly, consistent themes emerged regardless of department or shift for both hourly workers as well as supervisors. Relatively simple grids were developed that could be readily customized to include more specific information for each department.

The following are the role expectations for supervisors at the Myerstown plant.

Supervisor Role Expectations


Site Policies and Procedures

  • Ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adhered to and that all appropriate SOPs are accurately documented, implemented, and maintained as required.
  • Administer site policies in a consistent manner, while clearly communicating the need to make discretionary decisions/exceptions where appropriate.
  • Ensure all activities meet or exceed established safety, quality, Good Manufacturing Practices, customer service, and cost standards.


Decision Making

  • Ensure appropriate allocation of personnel, equipment, and material by prioritizing and balancing competing requirements/demands on limited resources.
  • Gather information from appropriate resources to support decision-making and communicate the impact of decisions to those affected by the decision.



  • Support important site initiatives (e.g., Performance Scorecard System) and ensure the involvement and participation of employees in site improvement efforts.


Coaching and Direction

  • Actively communicate performance objectives to employees and encourage and support them to achieve results.
  • Provide coaching and counseling to employees, and initiate corrective action when necessary, to improve departmental performance and fully utilize every employee’s potential.
  • Follows through on commitments made to others.
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