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February 1, 2000
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Redesign for a Better Work Environment
By Brenda Paik Sunoo
Companies like Gap Inc. and Nortel Networks operate at facilities that are as much beautiful as they are efficient. HR can team with other departments to design a less stressful, more productive workspace. And you don’t even need to know feng shui.


Behavioral Health: The Forgotten Benefit
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
Though workers suffer from emotional stress that translate into workplace difficulties, the percentage of health care dollars spent on mental health care has declined 54.7 percent since 1988. Why is this happening and how is this decrease harming the workforce?

AIDS Threatens Global Business
By Nancy Breuer
AIDS, so often regarded as a public health or humanitarian issue, has cast a shadow over global business, and has already begun causing bottom-line losses. Companies need to reframe the epidemic as a business issue.

Value Is the Goal
By Patricia K. Zingheim and Jay R. Schuster
As the nature of work changes and as businesses go global, compensation must evolve to keep up. This excerpt from "Pay People Right!" (Jossey-Bass, 2000) explains how short-term variable pay can help.

Ready or Not, Here Come the Net Kids
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
Bill Gates, eat your heart out. Techno-savvy and headstrong, the Net Generation has made a grand entrance into the workforce. They have a fresh perspective on business, and these whiz-kid entrepreneurs are demanding flexibility and growth opportunities from their employers that is, if they aren’t the employers themselves.

HR 101

In this month’s issue, HR 101 shows you which relocation services companies are using most, as well as other neat facts about the industry.


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