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Table of Contents November 2001

November 1, 2001
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Peacekeeping HR, tech trends for 2002, the power of envy, and more - all in this month's issue of Workforce magazine! Subscribe Now!


Lessons from a Crisis: How Communication Kept a Company Together
Aon Corporation faced a catastrophe on Sept. 11. In the face of confusion, death, and destruction, its partly planned, partly improvised crisis communication network helped keep the company on its feet. Here are some lessons from Aon's HR and IT crisis team.
By Patrick J. Kiger
In Uneasy Times, HR Renews Its Peacekeeping Mission
The faces of terrorists fill newspapers and television screens, heightening tensions that can spill over into hate in the workplace. Now is the time for HR to rededicate itself to keeping the peace, through training and open lines of communication.
By Monica Ballard
Make Smarter Business Decisions: Know What Employees Can Do
Developing systems that track employee skills and competencies, from word-processing, to the knack for managing change, is an HR necessity now.
By Samuel Greengard
Why Deep Layoffs Hurt Long-term Recovery
The worker-cutting frenzy pleases Wall Street, but companies that slash too deeply hurt their chances for a strong recovery. HR can help set a saner course.
By Eilene Zimmerman

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Technology Trends 2002
Technology is helping organizations recruit, train, run benefits, and manage workflow. It has fundamentally changed how HR does its job - for the better.


Between the Lines
HR's work in a darker world.
Getting the Hispanic story right • It takes more than money to motivate
The Buzz
Jim Martin goes from HR hotshot to Jesuit priest • Well Done: Better reviews yield great results • HR & Pop Culture: The unbearable strangeness of temping.
On the Contrary
Shari Caudron remembers a summer of courtesy folds, the Karens she hated, and reflects on the gifts that envy brings.
What Works
It only took a lemonade stand to turn Tom Terez into the kind of command-and-control manager he hates. But his two young business associates set him straight.
Dear Workforce:
Should they rehire the marijuana man? • Sept. 11 aftermath: Who helps HR? • Help for the chronically tardy
Small, Medium, Large
Traditional benefits administration is a paperwork blizzard, and guess who is buried in it? Here's how HR in three companies dug their way out by putting their processes online. They saved money, time, and untold amounts of aggravation.
Legal Insight
Relocations that move into legal quagmires • A harasser who makes house calls • Discharge after an FMLA leave
Think Twice
You don't have to move mountains to make a difference in your company. Todd Raphael has some suggestions for quietly radical HR ideas that work.
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