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The Name Game

November 3, 2000
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Is it a foreign car, a drug, or an HR-related company?

The product branding that gave us Elantra and Claritin has come to HR. Toplay, match the following company names with the descriptions of the service orproduct they provide. (Just to mix it up, we threw in a couple of non-HRproducts.) See answer key below.

1. InterliantA. "Work/lifesolutions" company whose clients include Boeing.
2. SpherionB. Prescription medicationfor the prevention of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.
3. AscentisC. "100% online humanresources, benefits, and payroll application service provider."
4. SalienceD. "Smart businessgifts. Brilliant reward programs."
5. BravantaE. Sedan produced by DaewooMotors.
6. AbilizerF. Prescription arthritispain medicine.
7. IcarianG. "The nation's topprovider of strategic sales and marketing solutions and outsourced salesforces."
8. SimpataH. A "comprehensive,easy to use HRIS" system.
9. CelebrexI. "Workforcearchitects" focused on talent, technology, and outsourcing.
10. NubiraJ. A "portal thatenables employees to balance the demands of work and life."
11. XyloK. A "pioneer in theapplication service provider market."
12. EvistaL. "Web-basedworkforce management solutions."

Answer Key: 1-K; 2-I; 3-H; 4-H; 5-D; 6-J; 7-L; 8-C; 9-F;10-E; 11-A; 12-B

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