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Dear Workforce How Could We Develop Policies for Paternity Leave

July 2, 2004
We have a maternity policy that calls for four weeks of paid leave. For the first time in our 20-year history, the question of paternity leave has come up. We’d like to do something, but are unsure about offering the full four weeks. We don’t fall under the FMLA, and we would like to offer this soon-to-be-dad something. I think that we may do two weeks, with the option of him using his vacation time on top of that. Do you think this is fair?
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When Men Take Paternity Leave, True Equality Begins

December 16, 2003
Employers think of paternity leave as a cost, with no return on investment for the corporation. KPMG tried it and found quite the opposite. Guest columnist Julie Shields discusses why paternity leave should not be overlooked as a benefit for both employers and employees.
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Dear Workforce How Can I Minimize FMLA Costs

January 22, 2003
As I see it, the only way to minimize the cost of FMLA is to 1) maintain the right number of trained employees to minimize the impact of a critical employee taking unplanned FMLA; 2) manage FMLA by the book so that only employees who qualify for it can get it; and 3) know your critical employees and pre-plan your company response to an unplanned loss under different scenarios. Have I missed other ways of minimizing the cost of FMLA?
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