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Wages and Hours

Internship Programs Face Increased Regulatory Scrutiny

May 20, 2010
The Department of Labor has issued a fact sheet reminding employers that interns must be paid in accordance with federal law, unless the strict requirements of a six-part federal test are satisfied. Here are the elements of that test, and some guidelines on how to ensure your internship program doesn't snare your organization in a labor law violation.
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Employers Urged to Save Pay Documents

February 25, 2010
To defend themselves against allegations of discriminatory pay practices, employers may have to go back decades to provide documentation to defend against those claims. Such records may include payroll files, compensation programs, performance reviews and any of the decisions and guidelines around starting pay, promotional pay and merit increases.
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TOOL Blogs on Wage-and-Hour Issues

February 17, 2010
To keep pace with developments in wage-and-hour law, several law firms have launched blogs on the topic, with attorneys writing about the latest cases and trends.
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