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Using Web site for Communicating Benefits Information has Advantages

September 16, 1999
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A benefits Web site may strengthen benefits communication and reduce certain administrative burdens.

What are the advantages of a benefits Web site for employees?
Communicating benefits information via a Web site provides advantages for employees over other methods of communication. Information is immediately accessible at the employee’s convenience, possibly even at home. Sensitive information can be obtained confidentially, and all the benefits information remains organized in a place where it cannot get lost. Finally, the average employee will require little or no training to learn how to navigate the Web site.

What are the advantages for employers and plan administrators?
Using a benefits Web site can reduce costs for employers and plan administrators. For example, the self-service nature of the Web site allows employees to find the answers to their basic questions without having to ask an administrator or employer representative. This should free up time for HR personnel in employers’ offices who typically deal with employees’ benefit questions. Plan administrators also benefit by having more free time to work on other issues.

In addition, the process of disseminating information via a Web site is more efficient and more cost effective. Also, Web site "hits" can be used for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Cite: Alan Cohen, president of Online Benefits, Inc., speaking at the June 7, 1999 joint meeting of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans’ (IFEBP’s) Benefits Communication and Benefits Technology Institutes in Chicago.

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