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Why You Shouldn’t Quit

March 16, 1999
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Ever been at the end of your rope? There are a number of valuable benefits for never giving up. Here are a few:

  1. You will never know what you could have achieved if you quit.

  2. Your competitors would love you to give up.

  3. No matter what your station or position in life -- there will always be reasons to quit.

  4. When you give up, your message to the world is -- you really didn’t think you could do it in the first place.

  5. Anything worthwhile takes time, effort and the will to go on under adverse circumstances.

  6. When you give up, will you start something else, and then quit when it gets hard?

  7. The price of quitting is higher than the price of sticking it out.

  8. When it gets the hardest, that is when you are almost there.

SOURCE: Tim Connor, author of The Road to Happiness is Full of Potholes. Connor Resource Group, Davidson, NC, January 4, 1999.

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