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Workforce Management April 9, 2007

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September 7, 2011
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Lehman Seeks to Win Women Back
by Jessica Marquez
Lehman Bros. has launched a number of programs during the past three years to recruit and retain women for senior positions at the firm. Work/life balance and Wall Street have seldom gone hand in hand, but Lehman, like an increasing number of companies, is realizing that to compete in the global environment, it must have round-the-clock talent available. At the same time, the old-school mentality of expecting both male and female employees to work 16-hour days is no longer the best way to proceed.

The Twisty Road to Consumerism
by Jeremy Smerd
There’s the HR chief for a big food-chain. There’s the senior manager at a credit card company. There’s the director at a social services agency. Each is having a vastly different experience in the new world of consumer-driven care. Their stories show what it’s like to be a health care consumer, how health care has changed in recent years and how far the industry has to go before it can truly be said to be consumer-driven. Other stories outline how two companies developed customized consumer plans.

The Last Word
Worst. Management. Ever.
John Hollon
  In the Mail
Covering China
From our readers

HSA Fraud Case Headed to Trail
The indictment of the "consumer-driven guy" is a warning for employers. H-1B Visas Are Gone in a Day: A business group calls the process dysfunctional and "absurd." Kids Not Alright: Employers are less than impressed with young workers' skills.  5 Questions: For Vurv CEO Derek Mercer. Legal Briefings: ADA; drug testing Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Consumer-driven health plans. Data Bank: Peak performance. And more.

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