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Social Software and Business Value: The Case for Talent Acquisition

5/21/13 1:00 pm to 5/21/13 2:00 pm CDT
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For the last several years, companies such as Google, and Wal-Mart have become masters of data analytics and social outreach. They leverage data on consumer buying behaviors and social interactions to drive business decisions at all levels of the organization. Now we are looking at managing our hiring candidate pools with the same level of analysis and engagement. The clear line that used to separate how we interacted with our customers and how we interacted with our prospective employees has faded away. Join Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research for Brandon Hall Group, as she shares recent research and key practices in expanding your talent pools and leveraging social software to improve talent acquisition efforts.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the social software space for talent acquisition.
  • Key practices in widening talent pools.
  • Tips for building a strong business case for social talent acquisition.


     Stacey Harris - Vice President of Research - Brandon Hall Group

Stacey Harris leads Brandon Hall Group's research organization, overseeing its strategy and agenda in five research portfolio areas of talent, learning, sales, marketing and executive management. With more than 15 years of research, consulting and practitioner experience, Harris has led key research initiatives in strategic HR, talent strategy, organization and governance, and measurement. She has also worked with companies such as McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Cisco and Pfizer on a variety of mission-critical talent initiatives.