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Managing Talent Like a Business: How to Deliver Greater Value to Your Organization Using Talent Development Reporting Principles

5/8/13 1:00 pm to 5/8/13 2:00 pm CDT
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Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) is a ground-breaking, industry-led initiative to run talent like a business to deliver measurable, planned impact with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Historically, many workforce professionals have not had the background or experience to approach talent from a business perspective. Moreover, many CFOs and CEOs, unsure of what really can be expected from HR, have not demanded that it be held to the same management standards as other functions.

TDRp provides standard statements and reports as well as definitions for more than 600 measures, much like GAAP or IFRS does for accounting. TDRp, however, also provides guidance in how these reports and metrics should be used by talent leaders to manage the function like a business. The TDRp framework has been developed for all important workforce processes including learning and development, leadership development, talent acquisition, capability management, performance management and total rewards.

In this webinar, Dave Vance will share the TDRp framework and challenge you to think about the benefits of a more business-like approach to talent in your organization. We’ll talk about using TDRp to:

  • Show alignment of HR initiatives to your organization’s goals.
  • Better plan HR initiatives, especially with regard to expected impact and value.
  • Better execute HR initiatives.
  • Report results and show the value of your HR initiatives. 

Bottom line, TDRp can help you become a more valued business partner making a significant contribution to the success of your organization.


     Dave Vance - Executive Director - Center for Talent Management

David Vance is executive director of the Center for Talent Reporting ( and co-author of the Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp). He is the former president of Caterpillar University and chief economist and head of the Business Intelligence Group at Caterpillar Inc. Vance is the author of The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve Your Bottom Line.He was named 2006 Chief Learning Officer of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine.

 Vance teaches about human capital productivity in the Ph.D. programs at Bellevue University and the University of Southern Mississippi. He also serves as the lead independent director for State Farm Mutual Funds.