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Dispel Myths & Discover Truths Behind Successful Workforce Planning

10/23/13 2:00 pm to 10/23/13 3:00 pm EST
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Workforce planning is not a new idea, but is often a challenging task for organizations to implement successfully, given that the planning process involves many stakeholders, and what is planned may vary by time and departments. As there is little formality to the process and the technology for undertaking successful workforce planning, there are varied approaches to implementing a customized workforce planning process. This lack of standardization means it is difficult for organizations to determine where to start, and they can be easily derailed by common misconceptions, myths and untruths.

This webinar exposes the common misconception that workforce planning is not a practical and achievable solution for organizations, and delivers a common-sense approach to building or enhancing workforce planning programs to deliver tangible business outcomes such as improving productivity, profitability and performance. Most importantly, it will discuss where workforce planning should be focused to maximize value from the time invested, and how to measure a return from the process. If you are a HR or business leader from an enterprise that is planning to adopt a more sophisticated strategy for workforce planning to assist with the response to insights discovered in the analysis process, or you are unsure how workforce planning solutions can help your organization align workforce strategies to meet business strategies, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Participants will learn:

  • Recommendations for implementing the right tools and processes to make workforce planning straightforward, manageable and actionable across the organization.
  • Insightful methods for ensuring workforce planning exercises are continuous and based on facts from discovered insights.
  • Practical tips on “avoiding the ivory tower” scenario, ensuring organizational buy-in and ongoing support.
  • A roadmap for success to make plans actionable and a part of the organization’s DNA.


     Dino Zincarini - Product Manager for Workforce Planning - Visier

Dino Zincarini is product manager for workforce planning at Visier. He leads the overall strategy and product definition for workforce planning, and is focused on delivering innovation and power to Visier's workforce planning solution. Zincarini has a proven success record with product management, data warehousing, business intelligence and HR. He spent 10 years leading successful product teams in technology and analytics, with hands-on experience building and supporting data warehouses and analytics solutions. Prior to joining Visier, Zincarini was director of sales consulting and integrations product management at Talemetry. There, he led the sales consulting team and ensured the Talemetry solution integrated with, and delivered value on, industry-leading HCM solutions. Zincarini is a seasoned expert in business intelligence. Prior to joining Talemetry, he spent more than 11 years with SAP/BusinessObjects supporting various business units including customer support, sales consulting and product management. With his extensive career working with product development and customer deployments, Zincarini combines his experience to build enterprise software solutions that deliver impact and value.

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