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Compensation, Evaluation and Evolution: Set Your Own Trends for 2014

12/10/13 2:00 pm to 12/10/13 3:00 pm EDT
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Every company battles to balance the desire to follow trends and the need to remain unique and competitive. Our presenters, Dan Walter and Sam Reeve from Performensation, will discuss how to do just that. The world of compensation is like a box of crayons. Every company has its own color that is a special mix of its corporate strategy, corporate culture and compensation philosophy. Learn how to keep your color separate from the melted brown of generic trends and survey data.

This presentation will explain how to:


  • "SWOT your comp" (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and deliver what your stakeholders need.
  • Calculate the ROI of your STI and LTI programs.
  • Learn what other companies are planning for 2014.


Reeve and Walter will also discuss industry-specific market trends that may drive changes in compensation design, metrics, goals and instruments. Industries to be discussed will include health care medical devices, energy and alternative energy, software and more.



     Dan Walter - President and CEO - Performensation

Dan Walter, CEP, is the President and CEO of Performensation, which he founded in 2006. His professional compensation experience covers almost 20 years in a wide variety of roles. Dan’s expertise includes executive compensation, equity compensation, performance-based pay, and talent management issues. His experience with these programs includes philosophy, diagnosis, design, communication, administration, and reporting.

Dan is considered an industry thought-leader for all forms of equity, including stock options, restricted shares and units, stock purchase plans, performance-based programs and innovative new solutions. In addition to his focus on plan design, he has architected software solutions, administrative and technological best practices for pay programs.

Dan is an active blogger ( and has co-authored several books. He passionately believes in educating other professionals and does dozens of presentations on compensation topics every year at webinars, conferences and other events. His lively presentations are frequently rated highly on both their information and entertainment content.

Dan is an active industry networker and can be found contributing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, World at Work and a variety of other resources.



     Sam Reeve - Executive Vice President of Consulting Services- Performensation

Sam Reeve is a global certified compensation consultant (CCP, GRP) with 15 years of experience in Total Reward Strategies. With his experience in three Fortune 500 companies, Sam has supported operations in Europe, Asia and the America’s. He is an expert in broad-based compensation and focuses his talents on enhancing performance through the effective use of incentive and recognition programs.

Sam knows how pay-for-performance can drive a company to be at the top of their industry. He has worked with teams and management to identify gaps and successes in the current total reward strategies and develop solutions that are calibrated to the company culture and overall strategic objectives.

In 2012, Sam joined Performensation as Executive Vice President of Consulting Services. Prior to joining the firm, he has worked in the corporate compensation functions of notable firms such as BlackRock, McKesson and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

Sam currently lives in Colorado and aside from his professional life, enjoys numerous outdoor activities with his 4 children and wife, Jessica.

Sam has a degree in Finance and Economics from California State University, Sacramento.

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