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Closing the International Linguistic Gap: How Language and Cultural Training Can Boost Corporate Growth

12/11/13 2:00 pm to 12/11/13 3:00 pm EST
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International market expansion has become the focal point of corporate growth strategies. But, this is only an effective method of growth if communication barriers can be minimized. During this webinar, viewers will be able to recognize how cross-cultural and language skill training can aid organizations in building their core business and meeting corporate growth goals.

During this session learners will:

  • Hear the characteristics of a global mindset.
  • Identify the importance of cultural intelligence and language when developing international relationships.
  • Realize how language training contributes to employee recruiting, retention and engagement.


     Neal R. Goodman- President - Global Dynamics Inc.

Neal Goodman is an internationally recognized authority on globalization, global mindset development and cultural competence for global corporations. His programs have helped hundreds of thousands of corporate executives to be more effective in international settings by learning how to apply a global mindset. Global Dynamics Inc., the company he co-founded in 1983, designs, organizes and implements programs that support global mindset development, cultural competence, global teambuilding, global leadership, virtual workforce effectiveness and diversity and inclusion in leading Fortune 500 companies who wish to succeed in the global arena. As CEO of GDI, Goodman leads a team of more than 400 innovative, cross-cultural experts from around the globe to create in-person, blended and Web-based solutions for his clients. He is committed to furthering cultural intelligence on a global basis, and is very grateful for the trust and learning he receives from his clients and associates.


     Jennifer R. Frazier- Director of Enterprise and Education Solutions - Rosetta Stone Ltd.

Jennifer Frazier joined Rosetta Stone in May of 2005, and is the director of enterprise and education solutions. She works with enterprise and education customers to document and measure customer successes. She recently published a case study with the University of Virginia’s Darden school in which she developed a model for measuring the return on learning for soft skills like language learning which employs the development of cash flows and capital budgeting techniques for measurement. She has also developed implementation models for the education vertical outlining how to effectively implement Rosetta Stone in ESL and world language environments. Prior to her current position, Frazier served as director of training developing internal training for both institutional and consumer employees. In addition, she developed and implemented customer-facing training for institutional clients.

Before joining Rosetta Stone, Frazier taught corporate finance and financial engineering at James Madison University for 14 years. Serving as coordinator for a 12-member faculty team, she was in charge of instructional design and delivery of the core business curriculum to approximately 2,000 juniors and seniors per year. Frazier implemented and coordinated a college-wide assessment program

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