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The Datafication of HR: Graduating From Metrics to Analytics

2/28/14 2:00 pm to 2/28/14 3:00 pm EST
Contact: Sam Dietzmann


The demands placed on HR are changing. In the era of data, you are increasingly asked for information your HRMS does not provide. Join Ian Cook, workforce analytics expert, in this webinar as he talks about how you can graduate from metrics to analytics.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Trends shaping the datafication of HR.
  • How to graduate from metrics to analytics, with examples in:
    • Talent retention.
    • Recruiting effectiveness.
    • Performance
    • Total rewards.
    • Employee movement.
    • Common pitfalls to avoid.


     Ian Cook - Product Manager, Workforce Analytics, Visier

Ian Cook, MA, MBA, CHRP, is focused on presenting the most informative and business-related HR material to the business community in North America. His international career has involved developing performance-oriented people practices for global companies in Europe and North America. Cook is currently focused on developing the next generation of workforce analytics tools, and prior to this built the HR Metrics Service — Canada’s leading source of HR benchmark data. He specializes in linking HR practices to business. An engaging speaker, Cook has spoken at international conferences and as faculty for the University of British Columbia.
Cook holds a master's in politics and philosophy from Edinburgh University and an MBA from Lancaster University.

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