IBM Watson

A Black Belt in Life Saving

IBM Watson Health’s Deborah DiSanzo takes on health care issues with one vision and an immense amount of data.

“What I learned early on was, you need to think about the impact that technology has on patients and physicians,” said IBM’s Deborah DiSanzo. Deborah DiSanzo started studying Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of martial arts, as a way to support her then-6-year-old daughter and demonstrate the importance of seeing things through in the face of adversity. Now, a…

IBM Workers Get an Assist From Watson to Fight Cancer

For the first time, IBM is offering its cognitive computing technology as a workplace benefit for its employees facing cancer.

IBM is offering its Watson supercomputer services as an employee benefit to find the best cancer treatment options. It will be available beginning in January 2017 to any employee eligible for the company’s self-insured medical plan, IBM said. The services include Watson for Oncology, which gives doctors personalized, evidence-based treatment recommendations; Watson for Genomics, which analyzes a patient’s tumor, creates…

My Second HR Conference: Finally Getting the Hang of It

I attended the 2016 HR Tech conference in Chicago this year and noticed a few overarching trends.

I attended HR Tech this year in Chicago, and to a certain degree it was overwhelming — that is, there were so many companies and solutions it was hard to keep track until I’d had my morning coffee and then some. But throughout the meetings, interviews and lectures, I noticed a few key themes that just kept on coming up….

Making a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Dash at HR Tech Show

I gleaned some keen insights into the current state of the industry and met two of our 2016 Workforce Game Changers.

Back to back to back to back. I know, four consecutive half-hour meetings at a conference is by no means a record. But I’m pretty proud of it, considering I had to dash from the farthest reaches of Chicago’s cavernous McCormick Place to the 30th floor of the Hyatt and then to the press room tucked in a downstairs corner…