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What Is Wrong With Our Recruitment Process?

July 31, 2012
Our human resources department attracts and selects top-notch candidates, sells the company very well and arranges a solid orientation program for newcomers. Yet other departments seem to cause a high rate of turnover soon after the probation period and during the first year. How do we improve our recruitment process and avoid these setbacks? —It Hurts When They Leave, human resources manager, services, Alexandria, Egypt
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How Much Are Bad Hires Costing Us?

April 18, 2012
We want to fix our recruiting after some bad hires. How can we measure the effect, in dollars and other costs, of poor hiring decisions? —Penny-Pinching Recruiter, government, New South Wales, Australia
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Will A Checklist Help Us Recruit More Effectively?

December 14, 2011
How can I find a standard checklist or procedure for upper management to use to communicate recruiting needs? Currently we are not being informed until long after the employee is to be terminated, allowing little time for quality replacements. —Kept in the Dark, human resources director, hospitality, Prairie Village, Kansas
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The Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy - Part 3

The best way to ensure the continued success of your social recruiting strategy is measurement. In order to improve, we must revisit what we've learned during the phases of strategy execution. This workbook provides a step-by-step guide on what and how to measure your social recruiting success.

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