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Talent10x: Does Meritocracy Work?

This week’s episode of Talent Economy podcast Talent10x features Workforce's Rick Bell, Frank Kalman and Lauren Dixon, who discuss Lauren’s most recent story analyzing the state of meritocracy at work, the latest developments in CEO and business political and cultural activism, and news that…

5MM: Lowering the Minimum Wage

In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell discuss St. Louis lowering it's minimum wage. They also talk about CEO activism and the importance it has among different generations. For more…

HR Administration



The New Sheriff in Town: Google Jobs

If you follow the recruiting space, you likely would agree that three trends have dominated the recruitment marketing landscape in the past five to 10 years. LinkedIn has become the candidate database of choice for recruiters, Glassdoor has forced HR…

Staffing Management


No, You do not Need a Workplace Emoji Policy

I read a blog yesterday that asked the following question? “Do you need a workplace emoji policy?” They say yes, I say an unequivocal no. They argue that inappropriate emoji use might lead to misunderstandings and harassment liability. You may want to…


2017 Game Changer: Anson Mathews

DP World, which operates marine and inland terminals and offers international maritime services, assigned Anson Mathews to its operations training center to serve as a consultant helping prepare the division for growth. In a company of 37,000 employees, he…

Workplace Culture

Your 'About Us' Page Is About What?

While reading a contributor’s story about technology and benefits, the author referred to a company I didn’t recognize. Given the thousands of companies occupying the vast space we call HR technology, that’s not unusual. I’ll usually add a short phrase…