1. The non pc fact of the matter is the Socialist/Marxist college/university indoctrinated generational hostility from the younger Gen X and Millenials towards Boomers politically is the same alive and well in the work and marketplace. Things won’t get any better until it’s recognized and admitted where it starts. No law will be respected or obeyed to stop it. More time will continue to be invested to design ways to manipulate and skirt the laws as they’re written.

    • The “GI Generation” and the smaller “Silent Generation” said the same thing about Boomers in the 1970s. Educators have been blamed for this type of thing going back to when Socrates was sentenced to drink poison for corrupting the youths of Athens.

  2. Ageism is a literal Workplace War between Millennials and Boomers. It is one the Millennials eventually win through the inevitable attrition of Boomers. It’s a shame, because Boomers have much that Millennials could and should learn from them; not so much the other way around.

  3. As much as I truly hate feel good platitudes, it is absolutely true that you are not a “senior” until you are 67 (or whenever full social security kicks in. Having said that, this article is right on. How many times do we have to be asked “if we can work well with young people.”

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