1. Do You Know? Pre-employment Medical Exams
  2. How HR Benefits By Getting Political
  3. What You Can Learn From the Law Firm Partner Suspended for Watching Porn at Work


  1. The Impact of Mindfulness at Work
  2. Armen Berjikly: Natural Language Processing and Communication Advances in AI
  3. Responsibilities and Best Practices for Employers on Voting Day

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  2. Posted in: LegalDo You Know? Pre-employment Medical ExamsPre-employment medical exams are permitted as long as the employer does so for all entering employees in the same job category.
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  7. Posted in: What You Can Learn From the Law Firm Partner Suspended for Watching Porn at WorkAccording to one survey, 3 percent of Americans admit to watching porn at work. I can see you doing the math right now.
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  10. Posted in: LegalDo You Know? English-only Workplace PoliciesEnglish-only requirements have been struck down as discriminatory where the policy included lunch hours, breaks and even private telephone conversations.
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