1. Only a few days until Obama is fired. It’s about time. The h-1b, and all guest worker visa programs, should be ended.

  2. Hi @noh1bvisas:disqus thank you for your comment. I’m sure you realize the H-1B was introduced in 1990 during the Bush I administration and further reform took place in 2004 under the Bush II administration. Perhaps your wish will come true under the incoming Republican administration.

    • Trump says he is going to do something about it.

      Let’s not forget how obama expanded the the h1b program, OPT program and h4. I think it’s safe to say all the rules changes he made will be history shortly.

      • Both political parties have abused Americans with the H-1B.

        • Yes, they have. Trump isn’t your typical politician. Expect the unexpected.

  3. Thanks for a useful article. Please follow up with some details of the sort that the lawyer would use to make her case. Were the Indians hired to do the same work as those laid off? What were they paid as compared to the American workers who were thrown out? What assertions did the company make to get those visas and were those assertions true? Making false statements on Federal forms is a crime, isn’t it?

  4. So, the basis of the claim with Disney is that 200+ people were fired, and they hired 200 foreign workers for less.

    However, there is a loophole as to how that worked. HCL came in (similar to Tata) and told Disney that they, “HCL Corp” could offer a service that would do the same as their current employees, and charge them less.

    As a Disney shareholder, I am all for the company saving money. As an IT worker, not so much so.

    Clearly, the only way a company can provide the same service as the current staff would to being in people that are earning less. And that firm has to make a profit, so, the employees must earn even less.

    Take the hypothetical 200 people, earning $100,000 a year. That is $20mm in cost just for salary. Now add in benefits and the like, and perhaps your cost is $25mm. Now HCL comes in and says, we can do all that your IT group does, and we will charge you $20mm. Sounds like a great deal for the company. HCL hires a bunch or people, pays them $50k a year, a few dollars for some training, benefits and the like. Then they pocket $5mm (they are there to make money).

    Most of the companies take advantage of this loophole. It is no different than outsourcing you payroll to ADP, your accounting to Earnest and Young, or your strategy to Accenture. However, in the case of IT, many of these consulting firms like the ones listed in the article, staff their positions with H1-B visa applicants.

    Disney did not fire 200+ people and hire 200+ foreign workers. They basically bought IT services form HCL (and several other companies). Harley Davidson did the same, outsourcing the work of 125 IT employees to Infosys.

    As an IT worker, sadly, I have seen my pay actually drop over the past 10 years. If there was such demand, than companies would be paying higher salaries for good talent. However, most of the public does not really acre about people who still command a good salary, but feel it should be higher…

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