1. “The topic was tackling physical therapy/occupational therapy over-utilization, a national problem for employers, claims adjusters and case managers who handle workers’ compensation case” Is there really data to support this?

    Healthcare trends show a growing self- insured market which makes employers motivated to reduce HC costs. Employers need to do more in the prevention arena and physical therapy can play a huge role in wellness not just the care after an injury. Prevention through risk reduction can reduce the frequency of health problems and associated costs. These big picture issues need to become the focus of our interventions to keep people healthy. Rather than just address a problem when it arises, addressing risk factors that are either on the causal pathway to disease, or strongly associated with disease, provides the opportunity to get upstream of disabling and costly health problems.

    • So employers would prefer to pay for surgery or a lifetime of pain meds, rather than some additional PT or OT?

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