1. Great points! Individuals can be a great fit for the company, but they will most likely vary in their needs when it comes to a productive environment. It’s important to adjust your recruitment strategy accordingly. I figure that you can keep the open office and hire remotely (strategy outlined here: http://recruit.ee/bl-hiring-remote-workers-eb-bh), as long as you place the right hires in the right environment to maximize their productivity and workplace satisfaction. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Nobody’s clicking on your link, “Beth.” Obvious shilling attempt masquerading as a substantive comment.

      • Haha, I normally wouldn’t answer, but I just wanted to say my name IS Beth! And yes, it’s my job to place links, but I actually like writing the comments and giving my two cents. I work remotely and happen to think it’s the best in terms of work/life balance (as long as you hire the right individuals for the job). Thanks for the feedback, Jerry! Have a good Halloween.

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