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  1. There is one thing right about this article and several things wrong.

    Right: The last think companies and employees need
    is more content. There is more than enough content.


    It is not about the LMS. The LMS hasn’t failed. The LMS doesn’t decide on the
    content. Learning leaders do. The LMS simply provides access.

    There is not a single mention about what the business needs from their employees and therefore
    what employees need to serve the business

    Everything isn’t about career advancement and promotions. In fact, promotional opportunities are always limited. What is not limited is the skills and capabilities people need to deliver value and perform their jobs. If they don’t do that,then they will lose their jobs.

    So, what it should really be about is providing relevant content, not just lots of content. Relevant content is that which builds the skills and capabilities people need to do their jobs. And if they are fortunate enough to do their jobs really well and there are promotional opportunities they aspire too, then content to prepare them should also be made available to help them pursue the opportunity, but only if their managers support it.

    So, I think this article is a bit out of touch with the realities of business. Learning leaders need to make certain that what they provide to employees is linked to the business and highly relevant.

    Ed Trolley
    Co-author Running Training Like A Business

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