1. I wouldn’t mind a personal robot! I agree that transparency is becoming a big deal in HR. It’s interesting, but not surprising, that data (or employee sentiment) is becoming more visible and impacting talent efforts. Tools like Waggl and Glassdoor are changing how HR professionals and business planners are doing business.

  2. Employee engagement is indeed something quite difficult to instill in the team. With all the strategies you never know when you are trying too hard or not trying enough to raise employees’ motivation.

    Already in 2016 HR experts have been talking about going mobile (because “it’s where employees are today”) and software vendors have been offering HR-related app development (even those that are specifically meant to raise engagement). In fact, we’ve had everything to make extraordinary changes this year.

    Business mindsets are what should yet be changed. Unless companies understand the importance of engagement, as clearly as described in this article, and know that effective solutions that could assist HR exist, 2017 won’t be much of a difference. Hopefully, it’s all just a sort of an evolution journey, and we just need a couple of steps to move forward.

  3. Employee engagement is becoming a specialization on it’s own, and continues to also be a component of the customer success formula. Although our organization strictly provides solutions for contact centers, I can personally attest to the disengagement numbers in the article across the board, having done a lot of statistical research. Disengagement happens to be extremely high in the contact center industry, the main reason we address attrition and engagement. One of our customers is experiencing an 87% turnover rate over 12 months! Even a 2% improvement means 100s of k in yearly efficiency gains. And it’s not just about finances. There are so many advantages to a positive workplace and motivated employees. This is a great article, thank you for sharing.

  4. HR leaders should set their sights on data, employee engagement and attracting top talent in the upcoming year. – */S.Y Power up your Thinking with a Permanent Creativity .

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