1. It’s not the employers or the insurance company’s right to intrude into my privacy on a sub-cellular level.

  2. Coercive financial penalty (the ‘stick’ approach) for not submitting to poking, prodding, bloodletting and then being forced to submit all results to a third party is the reason I dumped health insurance this year. Not just through my employer, but ALL health insurance. Because I know health insurance corporations are the source of these intrusive and coercive practices.

    So now NO ONE gets my money. It doesn’t go toward benefitting insurance pools. It doesn’t get applied to anyone’s cost for treatment. I earned it and keeping it as an act of financial revolt is well within my constitutional rights.

    I also know others who think just like me, who also dumped health insurance coverage for the same reasons. Privacy without threat of sanction or penalty.

    Corporate America had better understand, they have now pushed many into this very mindset. Sure. Go ahead and keep hitting the dogs with the stick. Soon enough, the dog will realize there is nothing left to lose, turning on you to rip your carotid artery clean out of your neck.

    • See you in the emergency room, you leech.

      • No you won’t. I don’t spend money into the medical establishment since I am boycotting the system. I just ‘ride out’ any illnesses I get with the hope my body is intelligent enough to take care of the issue. Though I will say, since I follow a rather healthy lifestyle and avoid toxic pharmaceutical drugs, I haven’t had an illness in six years now.

        I still encourage others to follow in my footsteps to starve the machine that IS the illness in this society. Capitalism in healthcare is a plague.

        Me and others are the ‘vaccine’

  3. While HR1313 is specific that genetic testing is voluntary the bill
    provides for “penalties and surcharges” so if you don’t partake in this
    “Wellness” program you will pay more for your insurance, but your

    premium will remain the same. Also, HR1313
    is specific about one other point and that is if John Doe opts out of
    genetic testing and his brother Carl Doe opts in, his genetic test information
    can be shared can be applied to to John’s insurance. It’s an insidious
    law that deserves and insidious death.

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