1. Doesn’t PepsiCo feature in the list?.. strange.

    • Hi Naveen, thanks for the post. Curious, why do you say that? Does PepsiCo have great HR practices?

      • can i get the information over the human resource management techniques in google including its introduction and presenr scenario in the company. i have a project to complete or you can refer me the sites which can provide me these information

      • Pepsi has a long history of incredible HR and is very highly regarding in the field. Pepsi not being on this list makes me wonder what the list is really measuring.

  2. Congrats to Paycor Ranked #77th.

  3. Is there a way to view the entire list without clicking on each number?

    • Hi Steve, yes we are working on that.

      • Eagerly waiting! Thx.

        • Done, @steveventurella:disqus and @vvbellur:disqus . Take a look

  4. Is there a way to read about what distinguishes these companies? What are their best practices and what specific innovative approaches have they used to achieve a Top 100 rating? That would be most helpful…….

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