1. Only “Covered Services” apply to the deductible so you say, “many services that treat these conditions are not covered by high-deductible plans linked to health savings accounts until members meet their annual deductible.” I know what you are trying to say but this story is poorly written. But that’s all we ever get. Employers before Obamacare had to pay for cancer treatments when their employees became too sick to work because they paid their COBRA because they had cancer. Not anymore, Obamacare rules has us goofy taxpayers pay to switch them off the employer plan and onto the Individual Market where self-employed people get their coverage. This makes employer-based insurance artificially low and destroys the Individual Market but you writers don’t care because you are all a bunch of W-2 employees who have their employer choose your insurance and when you get too sick to work your employer laughs all the way to the bank. Covered doesn’t mean somebody pays all of your bills. Good grief. I know, you love Obamacare destroying the Individual Market to help employer-based insurance.

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