1. Great article, Jon. And I am in total agreement. One comment, though. The Senate passed ENDA by a vote of 64 to 32 on 11/7/2013. Despite strong bi-partisan support, John Boehner refused to allow a vote in the House. Had it come up for a vote, I am confident it would have been law by the end of 2014. In addition to being on the right side of history, I would ask why would any business limit its access to top talent by artificially excluding part of the workforce.

  2. You’re a lawyer, so that makes you smart. WRONG. You are obviously ignorant of life’s real issues. I do not care if someone is gay. That’s fine. They have a right to choose a partner. But I have serious issues with people who are, for example, male but want to pretend they are female. You can be a male and like men, or a woman and like women, that’s sexual attraction preference. But you CANNOT be a male, with a dick, and pretend you are a female. That’s just sick. You’re a guy, and even if you have your dick cut off and a hole drilled, you’re still a guy. That’s just a very sick person who needs help. And I for ONE, will never hire mentally sick people.

    Suggesting that this is somehow the same as racial discrimination makes you simply, an idiot.

    • I’m not going to engage you in debate over the LGBTQ issue, because nothing I write will convince you of my position, just as nothing you write convinces me of yours. The fact that the best you can come up with, though, is to call me an “idiot” speaks volumes.

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