1. Superb article Rosemary, thanks for sharing. The funny thing is that companies can eliminate so much of these problems with the help of an ATS. For example, the hiring site and mobile capabilities go hand in hand if you use an ATS that supports them. It’s all about creating consistency in your hiring process and communicating each step. Hotjar for example has created a very consistent hiring process trough their ATS. Even though they only hire remotely and have a very technical process, they optimized it to get the best staff.

    • agree, with the emphasis being on having the right ATS…won’t mention our current one, but ours is one of the more well known brands & it hinders us in many of these aspects.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. Have you considered moving to a new platform by any chance? I’d love for you to take a look at Recruitee if you are considering moving 🙂

  2. Nice reading, Rosemary! Only associations that adapt effective hiring and interviewing get the best individuals, and tragically, the inverse is similarly valid: poor aptitudes result in wrong applicant choice, prompting potential loss of millions of dollars. https://www.trainhr.com/control/hiring-and-employee-selection

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