1. I see no danger in equal treatment of men and women under benefit programs. Yet a side danger that I see is that arguments based on disrespect of religion can be cast as if these are unworthy of consideration, archaic, obsolete or treated in any manner other that wise respect. Unequal treatment of Religion in the eyes of the law is just as vile as unequal treatment on Gender.

    Whether a Religion does or does not propose that men or women may or should perform certain roles is its own choice. Often, a Religion may have no preference concerning a gender based role that would affect a work place environment. The ability to respect those that may volunteer from some gender based roles is neither archaic, obsolete nor worthy of disrespect. The equal treatment of all persons needs better arguments to support it.

    In some sense, the very notion of human rights owes a debt to the Religious foundation that created such a concept. Even the idea of equal treatment under the law itself traces its foundation to Religious concepts. Wishing to benefit and extend the ideas of equality in the eyes of the law, we structure the arguments supporting the notions of human rights and equality in a more generous form than one Religion or another may natively use. This in no way makes notions describing the equality of people and genders somehow less worthy, archaic, obsolete nor not to be respected. Consider one of the Religious writings that helped found the idea of human rights. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” — Genesis 1:27. Over time, it was used successfully at many points of history to argue for human right such as that slavery is wrong, for women suffrage, and found many of the concepts of equality we now wisely insist upon and trust in. We simply now use arguments not structured on sacred materials and ideals of one Religion or another.

    None of the arguments are archaic or obsolete. I hope to benefit from support for equality such Sacred materials long in to the future. America is of the many, one nation. I need no disrespect of Religious views different from my own to favor wise and equal treatment for all persons not just those with “modernist” perspectives that are quick to abuse words such as “archaic” when what they might rightly mean is “presumptive”.

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