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  1. It is adorable that one has so much faith in the government to solve problems in the workplace. What does the data show about federal employees, job satisfaction, health, employee wellness programs, access to healthcare? Federal employees have so many choices for employer provided care all of which include benefits for proactively pursuing wellness. I see workplace induced illness every day, I see the same symptoms an abused spouse exhibits. Hypervigilance, fear, isolation, and when they finally reach out for help they are walking on eggshells to the point that others disbelieve or disregard their real experience of terror at coming to work.

    The problem is not about access to health care, wellness programs, nor what it is legal to do to someone in the workplace. We have a large scale collapse of civil society hidden behind banners, proclamations of no tolerance for bullying and support for diversity. Human domination over other humans. We are becoming More and more a “better than you” society where it is acceptable to see another person as being less worthy, having less dignity, and being owed less respect.
    Every one us in on a journey and we bring with us in little suitcases the injuries and lessons learned from previous workplaces. My armor protects me from those who will assume I am not strong. But this new workplace isn’t the same place and maybe my armor prevents me from honoring and respecting my new coworkers, I seem aloof and unyielding. I didn’t realize that I just packed a new carryon bag for the employee with 27 years experience because I refused to consider her idea lest I seem incompetent.
    Dear lovely author, please do not look to the federal government to solve this problem. We haven’t got our act together yet and we deal with change a lot.

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