1. If the employee was on the toiletfor five minutes to ten minutes can he be terminated ?

    • this just happend to me i was in at 6:10, got out at 6:14 and was “laid off” after the owner had said something to me

    • Walmart sells adult diapers. It’s better than losing a job.

  2. I was only in the bathroom for 5 minutes and was sent home.

  3. My husband has IBS. He was fired about 10 days ago for using the restroom too much and going on break after using the potty. 5years 4 months for this employer. So sad.

    • Did they give him a warning? Did he report his problem? Go to the EEOC first and Civil Rights–Report your concerns.

  4. As a brazilian it is so good to read such a reasonable discussion over a topic that must appear to be so simple at the fist sight… Here in Brazil the syndicalist terrorism is so high and put so much pressure over the companies, that the employees takes advantage of it to the point that, If you’ll pardon the expression, “giving a remunareted sh**” is a thing here. And then ppl wonder why stuff here is so overpriced.

  5. I have kidney disease and a manager I don’t even get offered breaks or bathroom breaks can they do this

    • Might be disability discrimination for the company to deny bathroom breaks to you IF they are aware of your disease AND you requested an accommodation for the disease.

  6. I was put in a community to sell new homes with no electric and no water. We sat on 5 gallon paint buckets for a few days until they brought us 2 chairs and a table. So we sat outside in July in Flirida for a week. Then we got electric but a month later still no water so we have to drive to a local grocery store to use the bathroom and we were told we had to text a manager when we needed to go. My first text said I needed to go offsite to use the bathroom. My manager responded with an angry emoji and said just say I’m going offsite. So when a different manager was on duty, I text him that I needed to go off site and he asked why so I said to pee and he responded TMI. When they hear the city is on the way they tell us to go sit in our cars. There are portalets but I won’t use them. Is any of this legal?

  7. My spouse was just fired yesterday for using the washroom, the forman said that he was timing her, she had never even had a warning for doing anything wrong let alone using the washroom, Can anything be done about this….?? Please Help

  8. We recently started using an autodialer. Management asked that we refrain from using the bathroom when the dialer is running. I had a full bladder so 3 minutes before it was scheduled to run I went to the bathroom to avoid logging off the phone once it was running. A few other people did the same. Management then said it was a problem to do that as well.

  9. I have an issue I can’t find any answers for, I hope you can help. We have a public bathroom at work – 3 stalls. There is an employee who continuously locks the door when she’s using the facilities; thus no one else can enter. It has become an issue as we hire more females who wait (impatiently) until the door is unlocked. Because there are 3 stalls and it’s a public restroom, does the other employee have a right to lock the door? Silly as it seems, this has become a huge contention – favortism is being brought into the mix, etc. Thank you!

  10. I have a good friend working for an institution for girls with serious, dangerous mental and emotional illnesses. They must be monitored at all times, but he’s the only employee they have and they often force him to work double shifts. The girls are not supposed to be left unattended for their own safety, but forcing someone to work 16 hours without a bathroom brake is beyond ridiculous. What does the law say?

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