1. The article goes on confirming my opinion and observations (in Middle Eastern environment), as females naturally care for details and trends that men overlook, i believe that HR department needs to have both genders for optimal performance and relevance to nature of the job.

    I wished that the studies (or the editor) had covered the samples of upper reporting structure – gender, to have indicatives of gender preferences (ex. if CEO was male, any preference towards male CHROs, of Female CEO ..and so on..)


  2. The discussion of gender equity in pay is important, but the author could not come up with more current data than 2013 and 2014?

    • Generally, we aim to cite the most recent data from the most credible sources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t release every survey every year – and it can take up to a year for the agency to tabulate, analyze and release survey results. So if we included BLS data that’s a couple years old it’s probably because that’s the latest data available.

    • Just google “gender pay gap myth” to destroy this propaganda.

      These pay gap figures don’t compare the same type of job or even hours worked – even Obama was repeating that nonsense. Men choose to work longer hours to make more money than women who prioritise family more.

      Free choice.

  3. People who work in HR are the most worthless and parasitic of all professions.

  4. Funny – when this happens in tech, people criticise men and want to get more women in it.

    When an industry is dominated by women; it’s “awesome”.

    People – we live in a female centred western world – and they tricked you into thinking it’s a patriarchy. Men have no power. Wake up and stop believing propaganda like this.

  5. can i ask what is the “talent architects” i don’t really understand that

  6. can i ask what is the “talent architects” i don’t really understand that

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