1. “HR is at the forefront of implementing this change.” How out of touch are these writers. HR personnel are nothing but Marionette puppets and the ones pulling the strings are upper management. If upper management says the rules don’t apply, then the rules don’t apply. It is HR’s responsibility is to justify why those rules don’t apply and they come up with some half ass explanation and redefine those rules to suit their needs. HR jumps as high as management wants them to or else they are also out the door.

    Lead By Example

    “Empowerment will only happen if the leadership of an organization embodies its core values and sets an example.”- Most empowerment in today’s workplace is established by manipulation and bullying and it needs to stop. This is way out of HR’s reach!

  2. EEOC is a complete joke! What I got was a “Right to Sue” letter. They are too overwhelmed with complaints to represent individuals and so it is a pick and choose system that is in place. This was now at my expense to pursue the predator on a state university campus. Thanks for nothing EEOC!

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